Deb Dalziel - Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games

Deb Dalziel - Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games

Inducted in 2020

Deb is an outstanding mentor, leader and coach. She leads by example in the community of Centre Wellington and has a visible track record of success. Deb is well-respected in the tourism and events industry. She is knowledgeable and valued in our industry, which is evident by her presence and involvement with such conferences as the Festival & Events Ontario (FEO) conference and local tourism summits. She has supported the development of new events in Fergus-Elora, by working with volunteers and new organizations.

Deb is a difference maker! She has a commitment and passion for serving others in the community, while making an impact on the festival industry in Ontario. In early 2018, Deb was instrumental in working with RT04 to lead a new campaign with National Geographic to promote Elora-Fergus Tourism. Her commitment to community endeavors such as the Fergus Scottish Festival, and new opportunities such as the re-branding of Fergus BIA, the new Medieval Festival and the McGuinn Brothers Big Game, further demonstrates her leadership in Centre Wellington. She implements solutions and develops strategies that strengthen the festival sector in Centre Wellington, but also for the surrounding area, recognizing that the success of all festivals will strengthen the industry in Ontario.

Deb demonstrates a passion for raising the profile of events, not only locally, but across Ontario and even into New York City. With her tartan pants, she has traveled to New York City to take on a leadership role for Tartan Day, which happens the first weekend April.

No matter where Deb goes, she is influencing the festival industry and her enthusiasm is irresistible.