The Producers - Community Show

REGION 1: Southwest Ontario 247 Main Street, Port Dover ON, N0A 1N0 Lighthouse Festival - Lighthouse Theatre, Port Dover
12 Apr. - 28 Apr. 2024
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Two failing producers scam investors into supporting a horrendously offensive musical intended to bomb the moment it opens but find themselves with a hit show and critical acclaim that has long eluded them! Welcome to the 2024 Lighthouse Community Show!

The Producers is Lighthouse Festival’s 2024 Community Show production!

Failing producer Max Bialystock and his accountant, Leo Bloom, scam a group of elderly women out of their nest eggs by convincing them to invest in a horrendously offensive Third Reich-themed musical secretly intended to bomb the moment it opens. But when high-brow Broadway audiences mistakenly assume “Springtime for Hitler” is a satire, Bialystock finds himself with the critical acclaim that has long eluded him — and the biggest hit of his career!

Filled with offensive musical numbers, memorable characters and some of the silliest dialogue out there, The Producers is a laugh-a-minute play that will have you howling in your seats and leave you wondering how something so outrageously offensive could be so funny.

The original Broadway production opened in April 2001 and won a record-breaking 12 Tony Awards and spawned the 2005 movie version, starring Nathan Lane & Matthew Broderick.

This play includes strong language and mature themes which may be offensive to some viewers.