FEO Conference 2023 - WEEZEVENT - Ticketing, cashless, access control and CRM

6 Mar. - 9 Dec. 2023


Please feel free to meet us at our Marketplace booth March 7th


Weezevent is a DIY ticketing solution, access control and RFID tech company. Promising tech hub winner of the 2014 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 with an astonishing 43,2k % sales growth in 5 years, Weezevent provides a wide array of tools for any kind of event organizer from the smallest community event to the most exclusive party of the summer.

From the creation of your online box office passing by getting out there with a world-class CRM straight up to the D-day, all combined in a user-friendly service (Software As A Service), Weezevent is bringing people together through unique life experiences.

It launched the french first self-service ticketing platform through online software (Software As A Service) aimed at event organizers. Its simple, fast and professional solution is freely accessible and allows organizers to create their customized event, to offer tickets, registrations or invitations online, to promote their event, to follow its organization, and finally to handle reception and admission control on the day of the event. Since its inception, Weezevent has among its clients thousands of event organizers of all sizes, operating in all fields of event-planning, mostly in Europe, but increasingly in Canada as well.


A local support

The quality of our support is guaranteed by the presence of regional Weezevent offices. Our teams are present in France, Spain, Canada (Montreal), Switzerland, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Germany.

8506 Saint-Denis Montreal (Quebec) H2P 2H2 Canada